Ironically, the Sonoma Saver was not born in Sonoma or even lived there when he came to be. The Sonoma Saver was conceived in the icy dunes of Buffalo back in a particularly frigid winter of 2013.

Everyone has their breaking point where they will decide to make an immediate and concrete change in their life and never look back. The Sonoma Saver’s occurred when he was working seven days a week at two different jobs. Oddly, the Sonoma Saver had all the privileges one could hope for up until that point in life, yet for some reason the importance of financial literacy and sound decision making had not overtaken his being.

At this particularly fragile moment in the Sonoma Saver’s evolving conscious, his Mother sent him an article about a woman who had bought a duplex and paid her mortgage by renting out one of the units.

The Sonoma Saver and his naturally frugal companion, the Bronx Budgeter, were also being kicked out of their dwelling for arguing too loudly too many times, and thus the confluence of these cosmic events led to a complete mental “reboot” in which the Sonoma Saver discarded his childish habits of buying whatever he wanted from Amazon, being ok with minimum wage work, and not saving any money, ever.

And thus began the journey that continues today. The road to endless wealth through the aggregation of minscule gains, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, choice by choice.

If you are ready to begin your own journey, read onward…

-The Sonoma Saver

Petaluma, 2019

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